The Doula’s Secret – A Very Special Childbirth Class

The Doula’s Secret:  Check out our popular class on labor and childbirth support approaches used by a Master Doula.  training

Laura has delivered with more than 1200 mamas, and has trained countless birth and postpartum doulas. Let her help you explore how to create the best birth possible. Class covers:

  • Important Truths about Natural Childbirth versus a Medicalized Model – and it isn’t as one-sided as you think
  • Activities during the 3rd trimester to help you prepare for the best labor experience possible
  • Understanding herbal approaches to labor and childbirth
  • An introduction to approaches used to “spin” a breech baby
  • Using birth balls, rebozos, acupressure, and other comfort measures during labor
  • Why belly-dance, birth art, and other surprising and seemingly unrelated activities can contribute to a more positive labor experience
  • How to push effectively; tactics for reducing the risk of tearing during delivery
  • Comfort during the postpartum period
  • Preparing for managing the first 6 weeks postpartum:  comfort for mom; what to expect; tricks and secrets for surviving the happy but exhausting postpartum “daze”
Class includes:
  • 6 self-directed units in our state-of-the-art online classroom
  • podcasts
  • videos
  • text based lessons
  • downloadable support materials
  • a pdf of labor comfort & support positions