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Momdoulary, LLC and the Momdoulary Method Doula Training and Certification program (formerly Birth Right Now, LLC)

a laura for batchbookOur founder has drawn on her background as doula, childbirth educator, parenting educator, author, life coach, integrative nutritional health counselor, inventor, and professional organizer, to create a unique form of doula support and parenting preparation coach. The resulting Momdoulary Method doula training and certification creates a uniquely comprehensive support for expectant parents. In addition to traditional doula service, Momdoulary Method doulas incorporate emotional, physical, and logistical preparation for parenthood as part of the labor preparation process, presented through a series of classes available to the birthing parents (and where not available as classroom experience, through individual educational and coaching support), as well as the utilization of the coaching model. This approach helps reduce the fear and stress related to physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes experienced by expectant and new parents, and they come to develop more grounded expectations about birth in today’s care system, and about the many changes in their their lives. Since fear and stress can have a negative impact on labor, more fully prepared parents tend to feel a greater sense of readiness in terms of birth and parenting alike, which generally creates a positive impact on how they view the birth experience itself.

The Momdoulary Method doula, parenting preparation coach, and family lifestyle professional organizing training and certification program is one of the most thorough in the world, and the certification one of the most flexible. While most other doula training and certification programs typically have 16-24 hour total class time, and rarely with support as new doulas approach their first birth experiences, Momdoulary Method Complete Birth & Parent Support Professionals receive 200 hours of instruction, regular support tele-seminars as they establish themselves, and another 80 hours of training in topics such as blood-borne pathogen training, breastfeeding education, food handler safety, and more. They also complete conflict resolution facilitation training; parent preparation coaching training; newborn care certification; lifestyle & professional organizing training, birthnotics training; as well as a number of other educational opportunities that prepare them to provide the best support possible along the big learning curve of the birth year and well beyond. Once they successfully pass a challenging Qualifying Exam demonstrating knowledge in doula techniques and comfort measures, the mechanics of childbirth, breastfeeding, newborn, and postpartum support, conflict resolution, the evidence based science behind current birth practices, and lifestyle coaching skills. This process turns out knowledgeable, confident, experienced doulas, parent education coaches, and in-home educators and coaches, ready to serve and support you as you prepare for birth and parenting, or alternately adoption and parenting, as well as through the physical process of birth itself.

Laura’s Background:

Laura is a published author, parenting educator, inventor, educational toy and game developer, birth doula, childbirth educator, life coach, and integrative nutritional health coach. During university years, Laura majored in Physics and Philosophy, later attending Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Columbia Teacher’s College for certificates in Integrative Nutrition, where she studied under a variety of leaders in nutritional and personal health and well-being, including Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Davide Wolfe, Dr. Walter Willett, and many others.

Laura has two grown sons, whom she homeschooled. Among her published works are: ”The McGraw-Hill Homeschooling Companion,” “JK Rowling: People in the News,” “The Breakup Survival Kit,” “Order from Chaos,” “Textual Intercourse: Dating and Relating in a Cellular World,” “The Green Team: Eco Feedback,” “Raising Non-Violent Kids in a Violent World,” and “Saving Green: A Family Guide to Saving Money While Saving the Planet.”